Nobody loves accounting like we do. For us, accounting is more than a daily routine – it is an effective tool for making better business decisions. We are a partner who understands the challenges you face when you outsource accounting. With us, you will always have a named contact person serving you.

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Our accounting services

You may also be interested in our wide range of user friendly digital tools and software. Why not get in touch, for better financial processes?


Accounting is the core of our business. We produce accounting services for companies of all sizes and all fields of business. You as our client have a named contact person so you always know whom to contact. In cooperation with our expert accountant, your bookkeeping will always be taken care of correctly and on time.

Outsourcing Services

You can get all the services you need for outsourcing your financial management to Accountor’s Outsourcing Services. If agreed upon separately, we also implement our financial management outsourcing...


Our Reporting service offers you a digital reporting tool and regular discussions with your accountant about the finances of your company. With real-time visual reports, you always remain aware of...

Accountor for entrepreneurs

Accountor provides a bookkeeping service designed for solo entrepreneurs. It includes both support from a professional accountant and easy-to-use software for paying invoices and scanning in receipts.

Accountor Easy

Accountor Easy service covers everything needed for financial management in a small company. With Accountor Easy, bookkeeping, payroll calculations, and reporting are easier than you’d expect.


Budget is one of the most important calculations in business. Our budget service makes it easy to create a budget for your company. The service also allows real-time monitoring of how the budget is...

Sales invoicing

Sales invoicing is an essential part of a company’s day-to-day business but handling the invoices takes time. By outsourcing your sales invoicing to us, you can focus on your core business while our...

Purchase invoicing

With the purchase invoice processing system we can effectively receive, circulate and pay your company’s purchase invoices. By outsourcing your accounts payable to us, you will have more time to...

Accountor Online

Accountor Online offers you a better way to manage your company’s entire economy. It includes everything you need to take care of your company’s financial management – in one package.

Group reporting

Do you need group consolidated reporting from experienced financial experts? Do your mergers and acquisitions require statutory consolidated financial statements? We offer you consolidated financial...