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Our vision

We are the leading partner in financial and HR management services in our selected areas, for organisations of all sizes.

We want to reach this demanding vision by reinventing ourselves. The key to reinventing ourselves is to take emotions into considerations.

Our brand promise

Passion for results

We love to work for our clients. We will share your targets and help you to go beyond the ordinary. Our passion lies in helping you to deliver better results. We have a personal, human approach and passion for improving your financial performance.

Our customer promises

  • Delivered one time, on time
  • Expertise close to you
  • Committed to active and clear communication

Delivered one time, on time means that we need to seek one-time delivery and keep our timetables. Our clients can feel safe and secure, knowing that we deliver as promised, at the right time and correctly.

Expertise close to you means that we bring our clients easy access to the right expertise. We want to work closely with you, bringing you just the right expertise and help. We are easy to reach through all channels and provide the full range of skills, somewhere near you.

Committed to active and clear communication means that we contact our clients if any issues or questions come up, or just to check that everything is okey. We make sure that you are always up-to-date about the state of your business and actively show that we care.

Our values

Respect is the principal attitude towards other people. We believe that everyone deserves respect and needs to be respected.

Trust requires a professional attitude, long-term delivery, skills, and personal commitment. It takes time and effort to build trust.

Courage is our third value. Development happens when we learn to stretch our comfort zone but we need courage to do it. Courage is something we want to see in our company.

Future is a rare value if we look at other companies. But we find it very valuable – future is the place where we will live for the rest of our lives.

Accountor's Code of Conduct

Why is it important to have a Code of Conduct?
We want to be trustworthy, responsible and ethical towards our clients, partners, employees, directors and other stakeholders. Accountor's Code of Conduct is an important tool for risk management and it sets out the general principles and guidelines which all our employees, managers and partners need to comply with.

This Code of Conduct is accepted by the Board of Directors of Accountor and it is binding to all our business lines in all our countries.

Read our full Code of Conduct here.